That Time I Got Caught

It’s me, Jack. Thanks for coming back ya’ monkies.

So here I was, a noob to the art of marijuana growing and dealing, and some local dealers were terrorizing me. Eventually, they started a little fire in my grow house, and that was it. I was done for.

I don’t blame my guy for ratting me out. I get it, I really do. He rented the house to me, and I grew weed, so he claimed to know nothing about it. He had a girl and a kid and couldn’t afford to do time. I was just some punk who still had a lot of learning to do.

You’re probably wondering how I knew it was the other dealers who set me up. Well, the police found that it was arson. Someone threw a little Molotov cocktail through the window. That’s a small bottle of liquor with a rag in it that someone set on fire. Made a nice little explosion that alerted the neighbors and brought the cops to our door.

Of course, once the fire was out, everyone noticed the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF MARIJUANA PLANTS just sitting around under lights. I was screwed.

It was clearly the perfect way to get me gone, and I know that the other local dealers did it. Whatever safer than them coming after me I guess.

So there I was, a few months shy of twenty, strung up on a ton of marijuana-related charges in a state that had no use for the green plant. Yeah, I went to prison.

Let’s get some facts straight here so you understand the type of trouble I was in:

1. In North Carolina, it’s illegal to possess marijuana even if it’s just for yourself. That alone can get you 45 days in jail and 1k fine you’d have to pay.

2. North Carolina definitely decided I had possession with intent to distribute. That means I had more than enough marijuana for myself and intended to share it, which was illegal. It’s not like I could argue, I was growing it everywhere. It was obvious. That itself is about two years in prison plus a 5k fine.

3. If you are growing marijuana in a private residence, then that’s called cultivation and is another charge. That’s another felony. Not only did I get caught with weed, I got caught with a whole weed farm in private residence. That was enough to put me away, and they did.

That Time I Got Caught
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