Saying Goodbye

This is it guys, we’re coming to the end of my story so far! Are you feeling proud of me yet? I hope so.

You see, I struggled for a long time smoking too much pot and letting life pass me by. I made some bad decisions, and I got what I deserved. Prison time felt like a bit much for growing weed, but I get it. I really do.

Prison gave me a chance to say “no” to marijuana and just focus on school. Turns out my brain liked working without the THC than it did with. I’m an accountant now, which is not the cool job I thought I’d have when I was a kid, but it’s better than being a drug dealer.

I make steady money, and I have friends I know that like me for me. That was one thing about being the guy who always had weed, not everyone was friends with me because they liked me. Instead, they stuck around because I always had weed and they were hoping for a handout or a smoke.

I guess I wrote this blog to kind of connect to people who had a life like mine, you know? No one really talks about weed and how bad it can get. They think it’s okay to smoke pot regularly or drive, but it isn’t.

Weed is less dangerous than many other drugs, sure, and isn’t really all that addictive. But it’s a drug, a mind-altering substance, and that means something. That means it affects your brain, especially if you smoke when you’re younger.

So I hope my story gets out there and maybe stops some kid from making the same mistakes, helps them realize they might be relying on the blunt just a little too much.


Saying Goodbye
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