About Me

Weed And Me, Me And Weed

Welcome back, I guess you’re here to see the show. Grab some popcorn, snag your mike n likes, and let’s go.

Remember how I said me and weed were close?

Well, I started smoking marijuana when I was about fifteen. Some kids used to smoke it behind the dumpster at school (I know, gross) and one day they asked if I wanted to try it. I shrugged and said “sure”. I hadn’t heard much about it, but I knew it was kind of like smoking cigarettes but smelled better.

I coughed a lot at first, as you do, but soon I was taking tokes with the best of them. It became a bit of a morning ritual to smoke some weed with the boys before class. Weed really mellowed out the day and made everything a bit more relaxing and easier to stomach.

Plus, I liked who I was on weed. Normally I was a bit reserved and shy. I was friendly enough and had hobbies, but I didn’t stand out. When I smoked weed all my inhibitions fell away, and I could speak without worrying. I cracked jokes and grinned and wasn’t self-conscious. That feeling itself was a bit addictive.

I grew up in North Carolina where weed isn’t legal. It wasn’t legal for recreational or medicinal purposes, and it still isn’t. That means you couldn’t buy, sell, or use marijuana. It was a criminal offense. Not that it scared a bunch of teenage boys.

I spent my days in a weed-infused haze, and it was great. I never cared much about anything and life was a whole heck of a lot easier. Once I left high school and started college though, I made a bit of a mistake.

There was a market for weed in North Carolina. Like I said earlier that particular state wasn’t a huge fan of the stuff, so sometimes it could be hard to come by. As hard is it can be to find marijuana anyways.

I decided I had a bit of a green thumb, so I went ahead and started my own bonafide cannabis growing operation. I got together a whole setup in a house my friend owned and was growing quite a bit of crop.

It was a steady income, you know? I’d never really thought of marijuana as something criminal, something shady that should be done under the cover of darkness. Man, we bought and sold weed and broad daylight. Nothing scary about that.

I should have remembered though, it was still illegal. It was still a money maker, and that could cause quite a few problems. There was territory staked out in my city. This territory was marked by other dealers, the kind that sold the hard stuff like cocaine or heroin. Obviously, they had control of the weed market too. I was too dumb to realize that.