Weed And Me, Me And Weed

"I'm here to talk about one of the internet’s favorite topics: Marijuana."

Hello there, my name is Jack, and I’m here to talk about one of the internet’s favorite topics: Marijuana. Okay, so I don’t know if it’s one of the internet’s favorite topics, but it is definitely a buzz word that gets people talking. Good or bad, everyone has an opinion about weed.

You could say I’m a bit of an expert on the subject. That’s because I and weed go way back like super way back. Like me and weed are best friends who have never even had a single falling out and like all the same toppings on our pizza. I know, that’s close.

Life ended up taking a bit of a dumpster fire turn, but I ended up alright in the end. I made a few bad choices, a few dumb decisions, and paid the price.

Weed is considered a soft drug. That means people don’t think you can get addicted to it. When it comes to weed through it really isn’t a physiological addiction like people think. Instead, it can cause psychological dependence. That is when your mind thinks you need it to function correctly.

Think about those kids, we all know the ones, who couldn’t go a day without smoking weed a few times. They were eyes reeking of a pot with bloodshot eyes and a bag of Cheetos in their hand. Weed was their ultimate aesthetic, their main defining point.

No, their bodies don’t need weed to function, they’re not at risk of an overdose. But they want to be high, they prefer to be high over not being. They will be stoned 24/7 if they can, and that is not healthy. That’s a psychological addiction. They think they’re better high.

Safe to say that at one point I fit this description to a T.

Next week, we’ll talk about my descent into marijuana-related trouble.

Marijuana Withdrawal

Some of those yucky symptoms of marijuana withdrawal are:

–    Headaches

–    Chills

–    Irritability

–    Anxiety

–    Depression

–    Shakiness

–    Fever

–    Low appetite or losing weight

–    Extreme sweating

–    Restlessness

–    Stomach pain

–    Difficulty sleeping

–    Tiredness during the day

Remember how I said me and weed were close?